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C reative Peas is an international innovation consultancy based in Amsterdam. We are a group of energetic young scientists and practitioners, whose world revolves around making innovation work for our clients. By bridging the gulf between science and practice, we provide organizations with the best available knowledge, skills and tools to boost their innovation power.

Creating innovation cultures that drive performance & engagement

We help our clients create work environments conducive to innovation. To this end, we work with leaders to diagnose, challenge, and spur positive change in existing management and organizational practices. We also help teams, involved in innovation projects, change the way they interact and approach work to improve productivity and creative work performance.

We believe that:

  1. Innovation is no longer a luxury. It is essential for survival.
  2. Creativity is a skill. Like any skill, it can be learned and practiced.
  3. Creativity is a necessary, but insufficient condition for innovation.
  4. Innovation is creativity brought to life: drawing value out of creative ideas.
  5. Innovation is a process. It requires grit, experimentation and patience.
  6. Innovation can only flourish if there is a system in place to support it.
  7. Innovation disproportionately hinges upon leader behavior.

C reative Peas helps organizations successfully face innovation challenges by leveraging their inherent strengths and by providing them with the best available knowledge, skills and tools.

  1. You may already have most, if not all, resources needed for innovation in house.
    We help you identify and harness them.
  2. You may already know what needs to be done, but not how it can be turned into reality.
    We help you bridge the knowing-doing gap.
  3. You may feel overwhelmed by a wide range of possible choices.
    We help you gain laser sharp focus.
  4. Possible solutions to your innovation challenges might hide in plain view.
    We help you see old things in new ways.
  5. The power to innovate is yours.
    We only arm your people with the skills and tools needed to make it happen.

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O ur world revolves around helping organizations boost their innovation power by translating relevant research findings into practically viable business solutions.

  1. We apply rigorously tested scientific insights to your most pressing practical challenges.
  2. We employ methods with sound scientific and practical underpinnings.
  3. We systematically measure the progress you make while working with us.
  4. We minimize costs and risks by first conducting small-scale interventions, which are rolled out on a larger scale only after proof of concept and improvement.
  5. We work with you to positively impact performance and lead to lasting change in the long run.


C reative Peas  founder Dr. Diana Rus is committed to and passionate about making innovation work for her clients.

Diana Rus
Dr. Diana Rus

Creative Peas founder, Dr. Diana Rus, is an experienced organizational psychologist who has lived and worked throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia. She is passionate about bringing ideas to life and helping organizations steer the innovation process by combining the rigor of scientific research with a pragmatic focus on booking tangible results.

As an advisor, trainer and researcher, Diana works with international companies and non-profit organizations interested in creating innovation cultures that drive performance and engagement. As a speaker, she introduces organizations to the state-of-the-art scientific research on leadership and innovation and provides actionable insights into successfully steering the innovation process. She brings a no-nonsense pragmatic approach to her work and does not stop searching for a solution until one is found.

Diana frequently publishes her work in books as well as in the main management and organizational behavior journals. She regularly presents at various national and international conferences, teaches in executive education programs, and collaborates with researchers at the University of Groningen on research projects in the fields of leadership and innovation.

Originally trained in both psychology and international political economy in the U.S., Diana received her doctorate in management from the Rotterdam School of Management. Prior to starting Creative Peas, Diana has worked as a management consultant, as an assistant professor in organizational psychology at the University of Groningen, as a visiting researcher at the Kellogg School of Management, and has held various marketing positions in New York.

Having been an “expat” for most of her life, Diana has not only become fluent in a number of languages, but has also developed a deep appreciation for and genuine fondness of cultural differences. On a more personal note, she is an energetic, creative problem solver, with a penchant for travelling to remote places to climb some mountain or another.

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C reative Peas is delighted to cooperate with the following companies. Please visit their websites or click on the contact person’s name to get in touch with them by email and find out more about the services they provide.

Pearson Strategy Group (PSG)

Pearson Strategy Group

The Pearson Strategy Group (PSG) is an Austin-based provider of Competitive Intelligence, Innovation Support, and Informed Strategic Development services for companies in the legal, high-tech, energy, electrical, construction and other research-driven industries. Clients appreciate our combined patent, technology and market research services since these ensure their ideas have the highest chances for success while minimizing their risk.

Our passion is accelerating innovation and product development by keeping businesses ahead of the competition, strategically informed and positioned for long-term success.

Consider us your personal R&D department.

To find out more, please contact Steve Pearson - Head of Strategy and Innovation.

Email Steve (PSG)